RightsCon 2020: activists’ networking opportunity under the border control.

Author | Open Culture Foundation

It is the first time, RightsCon was being held as a fully online event. However, it is not rare in 2020 since COVID-19 became the global pandemic. Although we all look forward to attending the event in person and to meet old friends and new friends face to face, it is great to see 2020 RightsCon instead of a cancellation statement.

One of the challenges when planning the global online event is the agenda timeline. Since Open Culture Foundation (OCF) is based in Taipei, Taiwan. Most RightsCon sessions happened between 20:00 pm – 04:00 am in our time zone. It is tough to participate after midnight. But still, this is not a big problem when talking about global online events.


2020 RightsCon (數位人權大會) 線上舉辦不缺席,全球串聯分享資安工具、最新議題、區域合作

撰文、編輯 | OCF

全球最大數位人權大會 RightsCon,今年破天荒以全線上會議形式舉辦,當然,在 COVID-19 肆虐下的 2020,這樣的模式並不稀奇,對各地努力抵抗更加嚴峻數位侵害的第一線人員來說,有線上舉辦比直接取消好多了,無法親自面對面交流的各國夥伴,至少可以趁機了解各地最新現況。

隨著數位威脅越來越多元、複雜、廣泛、深入生活,RightsCon 的規模在過去幾年持續增長,越來越多非原來科技領域的政治人物、法律專家、記者媒體、社會運動人士和民主人權工作者都紛紛加入,了解國際最新情勢。根據主辦單位估計,今年共有來自 158 個國家共 7,828 位參與者參與 RightsCon 線上會議,議程則分為 10 大類。

pic: RightsCon 網頁截圖 + 中文說明