Taiwan is on the way to push “Open Data Act" this year (2020). Before moving forward to next stage, it is important to clarify the existing problem and identify obstacles.

How does government open their data and how is the data used in Taiwan? It is the main issue discussed within these series of research articles. Open Culture Foundation (OCF) worked with the experts from civil society, government, and data scientists to conduct the research, interview and writing. In the end, 4 articles are released in Traditional Chinese and 3 of them are transplanted into English.

We hope, by conducting this project, we are able to find the right direction for coming “Open Data Act". Also, by saving Taiwan’s experiences through English articles, we can share and connect with more international partners who are also developing the Open Data Policy.

Series of Research Articles


Slowness of Opening Data and Rush of Identification Process Kills Historic Buildings in Taiwan.


Activate the Live of Opening Data in Environmental Impact process

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How many undisclosed zone of Government Information? Take a Look at How Citizens Fight Back!




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